Crowns are often referred to as “Full Coverage Restorations” or “Caps”. When a Tooth(s) becomes damaged enough it often requires a “Full Coverage Restoration” to protect its integrity and add strength. Crowns and Bridges can be made from a variety of materials-Gold, Porcelain, Base metals, or a combination of metal and Porcelain. Choosing the correct material to meet both Cosmetic and Functional needs IS VERY IMPORTANT and you should be informed in making this decision.

Dr. Green likes to say, “A Crown is not just a Crown”, meaning we have several porcelains alone that differ in esthetical value and functional qualities. For Example, Dentists like Gold because Gold possesses the properties of ductility, optimal thermal expansion, and flexural strength. However, Gold doesn’t win many beauty contests in esthetic dentistry and, therefore, we have porcelain. In the esthetic world porcelains come in a variety of options and each porcelain exhibits different properties of function and esthetics. For Example, if we pick a porcelain simply for esthetics we want a porcelain that refracts light similar to enamel. However, these type of porcelains are not as strong so we do not want to make a Crown for a back molar tooth that grinds food every day with the same porcelain as it would not last long. Material Selection is an Important Aspect in picking the right Crown for you. With that said, we do have porcelains appropriate for all teeth depending on their function. Dr. Green will aid you in making this decision.

Bridge – A dental Bridge is a prosthetic that is fabricated and placed in an area where there are missing teeth. The idea is to utilize the teeth next to either side of the missing tooth to support the bridge and restore function and esthetics where there is a missing tooth or teeth. Traditional bridges have been a staple in dentistry for many years and can be the best way to replace missing teeth. Bridges can be incredibly esthetic and function wonderfully. We can even use implants to support the bridge and replace teeth as well. Often times there are multiple options and each option needs to be reviewed so you can make an educated decision.

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