Sleep Apnea and Snoring Appliances

Dr. Zach Green is an accredited member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine with a qualified designation and actively seeks evolving education as this field continues to open eyes among the medical world. 

If you experience symptoms of snoring, night time grinding, interrupted sleeping, high blood pressure, wetting the bed at night, daytime sleepiness/tiredness or general feelings of being tired, you may have a condition referred to as “Sleep Apnea”.  Sleep Apnea is a result of inadequate Oxygenation to vital parts of your body that can result in Heart disease, Dementia, various types of cancer, nervous disorders, periodontal disease, day time tiredness, inadequate deep sleep (AKA REM sleep), compromised mental function, along with many other systemic disease processes. If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you come see us at Twin Buttes Dental.  Disrupted sleep and inadequate breathing can be crucial to optimal health.

 We thoroughly examine the nasal, oral and oral pharyngeal structures that comprise the airway.  If need be we will then refer you to an appropriate physician for further evaluation and possible sleep test.  This is a simple test to record various systemic happenings during your sleep.  The Condition of Sleep Apnea can often be treated by wearing an appliance in your mouth that opens your airway and allows for optimum airflow while you breathe.  This results in better sleep, more effective oxygen transfer, and a healthier you!

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